Studying at St Andrews

Undergraduate study

Undergraduate students interested in the literatures of the Roman Empire can explore different aspects of this field through a variety of honours and sub-honours modules offered within the School of Classics in our Greek, Latin and Classical Studies programmes. Honours-level modules of particular interest include:

  • CL4432 (Latin Literature and Roman Emperors)
  • GK4109 (Greek Literature in the Roman Empire)
  • LT4201 (Roman Epic)
  • LT4207 (Roman Comedy)
  • LT4209 (Late Latin)
  • LT4210 (Latin Didactic)
  • LT4211 (Latin Letters)
  • LT4213 (Roman Satire)
  • LT4215 (Senecan Tragedy)
  • LT4219 (Roman Biography)
  • LT4220 (Latin Lyric)
  • LT4222 (Floating Words: anonymous writing in ancient Rome)

More information, including a list of topics offered each semester and short bibliographies, can be found in our course catalogues (organized by Schools).

Postgraduate study

There is a strong provision of courses dealing with Imperial-period literature at post-graduate level.

Postgraduate students associated with the Centre benefit from involvement with the various research projects operating within it and from its busy calendar of events .

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