Much of the Centre’s energy is directed towards publications by individual staff members (see staff pages and the list below of very recent publications) but we also have a number of collaborative and funded projects underway.

  • Visualising War: interplay between battle narratives in ancient and modern cultures: a project directed by Alice König and Nicolas Wiater on the representation of battle in different periods, places, genres and media (with a particular focus on Roman-empire representations) and their impact on wider discourses or habits of visualising of war.
  • Rethinking Late Hellenistic Literature and the Second Sophistic: a project with small-grant funding from British-Academy/Leverhulme, looking at the connections between the Greek literary and intellectual culture of the late Hellenistic and Augustan periods (second century BCE to first century CE) and the period often known as the ‘Second Sophistic’ (i.e. late first to early third centuries CE); directed by Professor Jason König and Dr Nicolas Wiater.
  • The Muted Voice: Authorship, Autocracy and Anonymity in the Early Roman Principate: a three-year project directed by Dr Tom Geue and funded by the British Academy.
  • Literary Interactions under Nerva, Trajan and Hadrian: a project with small-grant funding from British-Academy/Leverhulme, on intertextuality and broader concepts of literary interactivity in the post-Flavian period; directed by Dr Alice König, with co-investigators in the Universities of Manchester, Cambridge, Boston and Exeter.
  • Latin Panegyric: a project with multiple sources of funding on the Panegyrici Latini, a collection of praise speeches delivered to emperors between 100 and 400 CE; jointly directed by Dr Roger Rees together with Professor Bruce Gibson of the University of Liverpool.
  • Science and Empire in the Roman World  (formerly under the School’s LOGOS centre, which has now been absorbed within this new centre); final work on publications arising from this Leverhulme-funded project is being directed jointly by Professor Jason König and Professor Greg Woolf.
  • The Latin Diachronic Database Project: a digital humanities project, developed by Tommaso Spinelli and Giacomo Fenzi, to create an innovative toolkit for the quantitative computational analysis of the Latin language as well as to support and further enhance the digital study of ancient intertextuality. 
  • View from Above. Aerial Perspectives in Latin Epic: a three-year project directed by Dr Nikoletta Manioti and funded by the Leverhulme Trust.
  • Ethnographic writing from the High Empire to Late Antiquity: a two-year project directed by Dr Antti Lampinen and funded by the British Academy.

Recent publications

Roman and Local Citizenship in the Long Second Century, by Myles Lavan and Clifford Ando (Chicago)

Unspoken Rome: Absence in Latin Literature and its Reception, by Tom Geue and Elena Giusti (Warwick)